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General questions

General questions about the Stow Minutemen.

Question & Answer
What do the Stow Minutemen do?

Our purpose is to educate and entertain the public about the 1774-75 period, and to encourage folks to be useful and responsible citizens. We do this through living history demonstrations, fife & drum performances, colonial encampments & re-enactments, and parades. It's all about the "Edutainment".

Who can join? Do I have to live in Stow?

Residence in Stow is not a requirement for Membership in the Stow Minuteman Company. We welcome everyone and have Members of all ages, genders, and walks of life. Many of our Members live far from Stow, some don't even live in Mass.

Are female Members required to dress as men?

Some of our women portray men of the period and dress as men, while other portray women and dress as women. If you are going to carry a musket or play an instrument, dressing as a man is strongly recommended but not a requirement. Some encampment events require all musket and music personnel to dress as men. We want to encourage everyone to try it, there are roles for all to partake in and it's a lot of FUN!

I want to join! What should I do?

Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to start you in on this most entertaining hobby. Please see our Recruitment page for details. Or simply ask any Member at an event and they will be more than happy to get you started.