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Slice a chicken, either boiled or roasted, cut into thin strips or veal, if you please; slice a ham and some cheese, and cut into strips. Also slice the yokes of hard eggs very small, and mince the whites very small by themselves; Then lay in your dish your greens, a layer of meat, a layer of cheese, a layer of yolks of eggs, a layer of whites, a layer of celery hearts, a layer of anchovies and a layer of black olives.  When you have filled a dish  with ingredients, set an orange or lemon on top.

Adapted from The Open Hearth, A Colonial Cookbook by  Hugh & Judy Gowan, and The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy, American Edition  by Mrs. Glasse, 1805
Method for Dressing a Sallad
Take two thirds oil olive, one third true vinegar, some hard eggs cut small, both the whites and yolks, a little salt and some mustard, all which must be well mix’d and pour’d over the Sallad.
The Country Housewife and Lady’s Director, by Richard Bradley, 1736