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You Might Be a Reenactor IF......
* Score yourself one point for every statement true to you
  • Sleeping outside in the rain and mud is your idea of a fun Saturday night.
  • You can identify a Regiment by the curses heard from their camp.
  • You can't sing without a mug of something in your hand.
  • You can spot 100% wool or linen at 30 yards.
  • At home, when the power goes out you jump into 18th Century mode and the tin lanterns come out.
  • You have ever spent over 300 dollars on clothes that went out of style over 200 years ago.
  • You've ever uttered the phrase "only 68 more days 'til (pick an event)!"
  • You've ever fondled your musket lovingly.
  • Your employer says: "Oh are you going out to play that war crap again?"
  • Your dinner guests see one of your uniforms and exclaim "Are you in a theatre production?!?"
  • You eat five meals out of a bowl, but only wash it twice.
  • You have spent hundreds of dollars for a gun that requires a sharp rock to work.
  • Your neighbor's dog is barking due to the high frequency pitch of the fifes playing in your back yard.
  • You have replayed PBS American Experience: Patriot's Day 20 times in a row to see yourself in the crowd.
  • You've stockpiled lots of candles by the back door as a reminder not to forget them.
  • You travel over 200 miles to sleep in tent, at a historic site.
  • You think of a match as a glowing cord.
  • You have used your musket to kill something to eat.
  • You named and have slept with your musket.
  • You have ever put on your "Real" clothes just to look at yourself in the mirror.
  • You don't participate in games that encourage the throwing away of your weapon.
  • You drive by some open land and think "What a great place for a reenactment!"
  • For Men: You wonder how a lady would look in a 1770's period dress
  • You've bought or made lead dice.
  • You know by heart the lines to: The Patriot, 1776, and ANY Monty Python skit.
  • You've worn wool when the temperature tops 100 degrees Fahrenheit, repeatedly.
  • You and your spouse are in direct competition over who gets to wear more plumes.
  • Your neighbors are no longer curious when they see you loading/unloading (any or all of the following) from your vehicle: 5 foot musket(s), swords, large knives, rope tension drums, wooden barrels, etc...
  • You've been hit by black powder fragments, pulled off ticks, been infested by chiggers, gotten poison ivy, and still look forward to camping out every time.
  • There are a couple of cannon balls on stairs.
  • Your house needs a coat of paint.
  • At holidays, half the bowls and cups on the dinner table are or tin.
  • There are two or three muskets stacked in the parlor corner.
  • You laugh at things that others don't find funny.
  • There are half completed sewing projects decorating the parlor furniture.
  • You've made a career decision based on its impact on your weekends.
  • You've made a vehicle purchase decision based on how well it accommodates your kit and gets into and out of muddy fields.
  • Your neighbors talk about how your house smells of rotten eggs on Mondays.
  • On Monday your business associates comment on the funny tan / sunburn line that ends at the hat line.
  • No one will attend a war movie / historical costume drama with you.
  • You appreciate "Monty Python".
  • Your reenacting wardrobe is more valuable than your business attire.
  • Your $20,000 car sits out in the weather, so your $200 tent can stay in the garage.
  • You have more reenacting shoes than 20th century shoes.
  • You spend more on a pair of reenacting shoes than on your "dress" shoes.
  • You earn a good salary, but are always broke.
  • Your mailman stays confused (what the heck rank are you in the Reserves anyway?)
  • Your kids can correct their history teachers.
  • You own (and READ) real books.
  • Your Christmas / Birthday Wish List reads like a Quartermaster's supply request.
  • You fly strange flags.
  • Your vanity tag gets lots of comment (1st NH; REVWAR, Musket)
  • Your freezer is full of candles (makes 'em burn longer - really!)
  • You look into the bottom of your mug to make sure it's not too nasty, then shake out the ants before filling it for another round... yet you ask for a new knife at a restaurant if there are water spots on it.
  • You're on PETA's hit list (we love animals; we eat them).
  • You have more closet space devoted to uniforms than "real" clothes.
  • In the middle of summer, you dread wearing a short sleeved shirt in your air conditioned office, while you can't wait to get to the next event, where you can dress in a long sleeved shirt, with a vest, wool coat, hat, and carry around 40 or 50 pounds of bulky gear on your back, while firing away with your musket, and then relaxing next to your cook fire.
  • You have ever been asked at a gas station / restaurant / on the "T"... if you are Amish.
  • You have ever assessed roadkill as lunch meat potential.
  • You win Halloween costume competitions - hands down.
  • If you answered any or all of the following questions from the public:

Is that a real fire?

Is that a real baby?

Is that real food and do you eat it?

Did you sleep here last night?

Do you sleep in that?

Is that a real sword?

Can that gun shoot?

Do you use real bullets?

Aren't you hot in that costume?

Do you get wet if it rains?

What did they use for toilet paper?

Asked by a kid after a battle: "Did you really die?"



*If you were able to score a 10 or more to the above...

...then it's too late for you!