The Company Today


Men, women, and children not participating in the militia or music units portray a variety of roles and assist with the necessary chores of supporting the camp such as cooking, sewing, and other displays of colonial life. Town militia units from 1770s would have had a large support network of family members and friends to help a Company function. We are especially enthusiastic about the participation of children, believing that our activities are an excellent way for them to learn about our past.


The Stow Minutemen require all Members to be 16 years of age or older and have an FID card before carrying and using a musket. A safety course with the Sgt. Armorer is also required. Regular musket drills are scheduled; we use the 1764 Manual of Arms. The Company will attempt to connect new members with individuals who are willing to loan muskets for practice and events until they can purchase their own. Women with muskets are asked to dress as men. Members between the ages of 16 and 18 will also be required to provide specific parental permission to use firearms with the Company.

Officers and Staff

2022 Officers and Staff

Bob Stokes ( Captain / President)
Ryan Hayward ( Lieutenant / Vice President )
Matthew Brench ( Sgt. Paymaster / Treasurer )
Craig Schomp ( Sgt. Armourer / Safety Officer )
Ann Gibson ( Sgt. Quartermaster )
Jacob Schiller ( Sgt. Adjutant / Clerk )
Bonnie Brench ( co-Sgt. Music Master )
Matt Brench ( co-Sgt. Music Master )
David Walrath ( Ensign )

To Contact any of the Officers above, please go through the Contact Us page. All communiques will also be forwarded to the appropriate person from there.


Flags / Color Guard

The Company has several flags used in parades and at other events; members not in the music or muskets are always appreciated to help the Ensign with the colors.

Fife and Drum Corps

Stow Fifes & Drums at Sudbury Faire, Sept. 2004The Stow Minutemen have an active corps of Fifes and Drums. No prior experience playing music is required, only a willingness to learn and have fun. We provide FREE fife and drum instruction every week for all ages, followed by a music and marching practice for the whole group. Beginners fifes and drum sticks may be purchased for less than $10, and drums may be loaned by the Company.