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2021 Calendar of Events


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Member List

2021 Officers and Staff

Stokes, Bob (Captain)
Hayward, Ryan (Lieutenant)
Schomp, Matthew (Sgt. Paymaster)
Schomp, Craig (Sgt. Armourer / Safety Officer)
Gibson, Ann (Sgt. Quartermaster) - clothing
Vacant (Sgt. Quartermaster) - gear
Johnson, Thomas (Sgt. Adjutant)
Brench, Bonnie (Music Master)
Brench, Matt (Music Master)
Walrath, David (Ensign)


Appointed positions:

Stokes, Jeff (Websmith)

Schomp, Matthew (Cpl. Armourer)

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Meeting Minutes

The minutes from our annual meetings can be found here (click "Read more").  For recent meetingss, you can also find slides and recordings as well.

Safety Information

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