Main Dishes


One of the first meals we tried and it is still frequently served. Great on a hot day when you would prefer not to be near a hot fire. You will recognize it more easily by its modern name of Chef's Salad.

Saffron Chicken Pot Pie

This tasty chicken dish is from a Pennsylvania-German recipe. Unlike the pot pie dish we are more familar with, this does not use a pie crust to top a meat dish but puts the cut up unbake crust into the stew itself.

At encampments, we like to combine steps, adding carrots or green beans (seems to go especially nice) to make it a one pot meal.  When you have to boil water to do the dishes and your dish pans are on the ground, this is a big savings on time and your back!


A Second way to make a White Fricasey

This recipe must have been popular since the cookbook gives 3 versions of it! It has been well received at our encampments.

Chicken Curry

Here is one of our favorite main courses for an encampment. It always hits the spot for hungry re-enactors at the end of a long, hot day of protecting our rights by fighting the red coats or entertaining the troops and visitors with the sounds of 18th century music! It is also interesting to see how international the colonial period recipes could be.